Chapter 14: Alley Fighting

Toreus opened the cover plate of the underground exit and hoisted himself up with his strong arms.

Shakorja awaited not three meters away on the spike. The Pricne sprinted to him and mounted the vehicle sending a signal to Ulysses.

The avianoid flew overhead and scanned the ground. It looked as if the cost was clear. The closest police flashers were blocks away and did not seem to be moving in this general direction.

Then he spotted a column of Kai’Vhan troops approaching up the alley. They were in stealth costumes so even the bird had not spotted them until they started to march.

Apparently their robot aerial scouts had spotted him for now they were charging up the alley. The alley was a cul- de- sac. There was no way out but through them. Toreus and Shakorja prepared for a fight.

The Prince turned the spike toward the enemy and activated the Tesla generator. He waited until the troops were close and then pressed the firing stud.

White hot bolts of electro-plasm unfurled across the alley. Vhan troops jerked and spasmed where the bolts torched them. They sprawled on the ground.

The pulse ended and surviving soldiers advanced.

Toreus and Shakorja jumped to their feet and met the attack. Shakorja used his metal show claws and Toreus used his knife. Shields sparked against shields. Dead Vhans sprawled on the asphalt.

A troop carrier stepped at the end of the alley and soldiers poured out. These were RAMP troopers in armor. This battle was growling.

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